Hand made with LOVE
Size & height may vary
Handle with care and love

ring boxes

Please note that these dishes are made of clay and could stain if in contact with liquid or dirt.

These pieces are handmade with love and show the tiniest imperfections of the maker process. Size may vary slightly.

styling dishes

Colors may vary due to the nature of hand dyed products, making them similar, yet never identical
Silk has a natural prism like structure that refracts incoming light at different angles..This causes the color to reflect differently, depending on the lighting conditions.

We try our best of replicate the intricacies of our hand dyed ribbon colors in our photographs, however please keep in mind that computer monitors may also vary in their representation of color.

Ribbons should only be hand-washed using a pH neutral soap. Carefully rinse a number of times. Take special care if it is a chiffon, as it is very fragile. Hang your ribbon to dry. If you want to press your ribbon again, it is best done while it's still damp.

All ribbons are pressed before they are rolled. When you receive your ribbon, and you feel that it needs to be freshened up, you can use a hair straightener to quickly and easily straighten out any wrinkles. The hair straightener should be on a medium heat setting. Be sure to work only in the direction that the frayed edge is sitting.

silk Ribbons

Care and Handling

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